Annotated Bibliography

What is an annotated bibliography?

When asked to write an annotated bibliography, many students are somewhat baffled. They’re used to writing a regular bibliography, as they’re expected to create one for just about every essay they write. But an annotated bibliography is different. Rather than simply list the details of each book you’ve consulted for your essay, such as title, author name, and publication date, for an annotated bibliography you have to add a brief commentary on the book. This should explain how the book is relevant, its good or negative points, and what you felt about the book. There’s a lot to include in a short space, and it may be something that you have never encountered before.

Why it can be difficult to write an annotated bibliography

None of this is easy, as it requires you to have a good knowledge of each source you use, and that is a very time-consuming process. Often there is no time for you to do more than just skim through a book looking for useful information. You also have to evaluate the book, something that doesn’t come easily to the average student. And you have to go through the same process for a lot of sources. So when you’re asked to write an annotated bibliography, your heart probably sinks when you realise how much work will have to go into it. That’s why you could really benefit from seeking our help.

Let us provide the assistance you need

For us, it will be a pleasure to provide you with the help you need. Our clever writers are familiar with a lot of sources that you might need to use for your essay. So they can quickly produce an annotated bibliography that will impress anyone who reads it. Their creation will concisely summarise all the sources that you used, assess their relevance, and draw sensible conclusions about the source. That will free up your time to work on other assignments, and give you a good indication of how to write an annotated bibliography. Then if you’re asked to write one in the future, instead of staring at your bibliography with a sinking heart, you’ll be able to sit down and start work without delay.

Prices to suit your budget

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