Article Critique Writing

Why an article critique isn’t easy

It might seem simple when you’re asked to write an article critique. All you have to do is read the article you’ve been given and comment on it – or so you think. The reality is somewhat different. It’s not sufficient just to make comments on whether the article is good or bad. You have to justify your conclusion and give reasons why you feel the way you do about the article. That requires a level of analysis that can be difficult to express, as well as having to read around the subject and be able to relate the article to other writings on it. Many students are also held back by an understandable reluctance to criticise experts and professors. It’s no wonder that when you try to write a critique, you often find it challenging.

Short on time?

Another reason why you might be having trouble with your article critique is a lack of time. With all the reading you have to do, there often isn’t much time left for any writing. Besides, there are many other assignments that require your attention, all with their own reading list – and that’s if you can find the books in the library. Popular books are often taken out by other students, or you have very limited time to study a book before having to hand it back. Or you might have to fund your studies with part-time work, leaving little time for all the reading you need to do.

You need help from our expert writers

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