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How to Write a Great LNAT Essay

Do you hate essay questions, but are good at answering multiple choice questions? If you are taking the LNAT, you may be fully prepared for the multiple choice portion of the test, but you’re also going to need to practice your writing skills and feel confident in your ability to argue a certain position.

For many people, writing an essay can cause them to freeze up and they wonder where to get started. You might even have some great ideas, but are unsure how to get them down on paper. Perhaps you’re having trouble with the topic you chose and are wondering how you are going to turn it into a convincing argument.

One thing that can help tremendously is thinking back to the help and guidance you received as an “A” level student, especially when it came to writing essays. Any feedback and assistance you received there can be of great help when you take your LNAT exam.

The purpose of the LNAT essay is to test your higher knowledge regarding a certain subject. By following current affairs and keeping up with what’s going on the world, you will be much better prepared to do a good job on your LNAT essay. This can also help you choose a topic from those provided and form your argument. The trick is to read about current affairs in a reputable new source, such as a major newspaper or journal. This also helps you understand how to form an argument and how to construct your essay. The bottom line is that you have to be able to present and argue your position.