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Why Do Students in The UK Buy Assignments?

Not everyone loves doing college assignments, and not all students have the liberty to dedicate all of their time to do assignments. Truth is, if you need help, it’s best you buy an assignment from a reputable and save your stress the trouble of having to stay awake for long hours. Students have various convincing reasons why they need to buy assignment online, so let’s look at a few:

Busy Personal Life

Some students don’t have the privilege to focus on just academics, they usually have younger siblings or elderly parents to cater to. While some even have to work to make ends meet, so coupling this challenging life with school work can be quite exhausting and this is why they choose to buy assignments. You might argue that they can get information from reading textbooks, but the truth is that there isn't always enough time. Assignments are time-consuming, so why not our skilled writers help you achieve academic success with ease?

Lack of Experience

This mostly applies to freshers who are just entering a new phase of academic level. It can be difficult having to navigate through something new, and you can make so many errors in the process. Sadly, university professors don't have the patience or time to hold your hands and guide you all the way. In cases like this, you need Essaywritinglab, because we have assignment writers who can make this easier for you and provide you with all the assistance you’ll need. When you buy assignment online from us, we don’t just send over your completed assignment to you, our writing team will ensure you understand every detail, and this will in turn improve your writing skills.

The Need for New Sources

Most times it always helps to understand a topic from another person’s view, and that’s what happens with some students. certain college assignments require you to be creative, and consulting with a third party can make all the difference. Buying assignment online from us gives you a fountain of ideas, and opens you up to new ideas you never thought about. We have professional writers who have enough experience to make sure your paper quality has everything you need, from extensive creativity to challenging notions.

Difficult Assignments

This has to be one of the most common reasons why students need assignment help. Certain assignments require the help of experts especially if you want to get a good grade. One of the most unpleasant news you can hear is receiving poor grades, so why not avoid that and buy an assignment from us? We guarantee you the best quality and of course, academic success.

Why Choose Us?

Regardless of your academic level, you’ll at some point need an assignment service, because it can be draining having to do it alone. We offer the best services for every type of assignment, including HND assignments. Every assignment writer on our team has the required academic qualifications to handle your assignment needs.
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How Much Does It Cost to Buy an Assignment?

To buy assignment from us is cheap and affordable. We have put into consideration the majority of our clients who are students, and we understand that they won't always have the luxury to spend so much to buy assignments online UK. Our prices are flexible depending on what you need and when you need it done. However, shorter deadlines come at a slightly higher price, but nothing out of the ordinary. Plus, to make things better for our clients, we have a discount code "lab 15" that takes off 15% from your first order.
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Discover the Benefits of Our Service

If you buy assignment from us, you are certain of top-notch quality and an unbeatable experience. Our assignment help assures you of academic success and the best service you'll ever receive. Other amazing benefits you are sure to enjoy include:

High-quality Papers

Yes, we offer cheap assignments, but that doesn't mean the quality of our work is questionable. Our rates are affordable so all our clients can pay for assignments to be done. When you buy an assignment online from us, we assign you to a writer on our writing team whose native language is English, and they’ll handle it from there. Your complete assignments will be sent to you before the stipulated deadline, and you can be certain it’ll surpass your expectations.

Competent Writers

We have the best writers for your writing assignments, so don’t worry about your work being below standard. If you turn in half-baked assignments to your professor, you will get bad grades, and this will definitely affect your overall academic performance. However, with our writers, your work will be properly researched and every piece of information will be in line with the requirements of your university. Every writer on our team is a native English speaker, and we have taken the necessary steps to ensure we hired only the best individuals with enough experience. We don’t recycle used information from any college assignment we have completed in the past, as this will help to avoid plagiarized content, which can affect your grades negatively.

Timely Delivery

The essence of getting your assignment online is to save time so you can focus on other things. But what happens when you don't still get your assignment on time? It has defeated the purpose for which you made payment. We take our clients very seriously, and when you buy assignment UK from us, we promise to deliver on time and make sure you get the best service for your money.

24/7 Availability

Our professional customer support team is always readily on standby to give you excellent service, so you don't have any reason to complain. There is always someone available to offer assistance when you need help with academic writing. In case you're finding it hard to navigate through our website, you can contact our customer service by sending an email or even placing a call.


Not all students want everyone to know they buy assignment online, and we understand their concerns. For that reason, we have a confidentiality policy that protects the personal details of all our clients and makes sure no third party knows they used our service for their academic writing. Our secure connections cannot be breached by hackers either, so you don't have to worry about your bank details as well; we have it all under control.

Clear Pricing Policy

Some students complain about writing services charging them more than what they agreed on, however, that’s not the case with us. We know how important your academic success is to you, and that’s why you’ve decided to order assignments from us, and we’d never take advantage of that. Whatever rate you see on your screen is the exact fee that’ll be charged to your account, without the addition of any cent.

Order an Assignment at Our Service in 5 Easy Steps

Our website is so user-friendly that even a child can navigate through it and place an order. All the prompts you'll need are visibly put on the screen and you just need to follow the instructions and place your order with us. However, we'll break down the process into five easy steps.

Click the "Order" Buttom

On the main page, you'll find the "Order" text on the same line as "Prices". Tap "order" and you'll be redirected to a new page. Before proceeding to place your order, be certain about the type of assignment you need, so you don't make irreversible errors in your order placement. Remember that our team of writers will complete your assignment based on what you filled.

Fill in Paper Details

On the new page, you’ll have to fill in your paper details. We’ll need information on your topic, document type and subject area. You also need to state how soon you need it completed. Some students usually need their assignments on the same day, so if that’s you, let us know. But also keep in mind that express work comes at an additional fee. If you have a discount code, now is the time to use that too.

Choose Your Writer

If you have a preferred writer, you want that should work on your assignment, you can put in their information. Typically, we’ll link you up with the best writer for your assignment needs, but some clients usually prefer working with writers that have helped them before and we understand. But remember, if the writer accepts your request, 20% additional payment will be added to your fee, and your order will be treated with utmost priority among others.

Service Level

After you have successfully filled in all your paper details, you'll be directed to a page where you'll have three levels to choose from. Standard, premium and platinum, and each plan has its extra benefits, so make your choice depending on your budget and what you need. Also, if you need any additional services like VIP support or you need your assignment proofread by our editors, you can pay for that.

Make Payment

Fill in your contact information, and choose your preferred mode of payment. We accept various card payments, and you can be certain your details are safe with us.

After you have made payment, our team of writers will start processing your order to get it ready within your deadline. Also, you can keep track of your order, by communicating with your writer and asking for an update.

As soon as your assignment is complete, we’ll contact you, so please ensure your personal information is correct.

What Other Services Can You Buy from Us?

You can’t find what you need? Don’t fret, we offer lots of academic help way beyond just assignments. Other services you can purchase from us include;

Frequently Asked Questions About EssayWritingLab

Is buying assignments online safe with Essaywritinglab?

Yes, buying from us is safe and 100% legal. In case you’re still in doubt, go through the testimonials on our website, and see that we have never defaulted in providing any needed academic support to our clients.

When will I receive my assignment?

When filling out your order, you’ll be required to put in a deadline of when you need your assignment. Our writers will work in line with that and have it delivered to you before the deadline. We don’t miss deadlines because we understand how important assignments are to your grades. Once you place an order, our writers start working on your assignment ASAP.

Will my assignment be unique?

We provide custom assignments to every client, and we don’t duplicate assignments even when working on similar subjects. Plus, your completed assignment will be run through a series of high-end plagiarism checkers to be certain that every text is unique and plagiarism free. At Essaywritinglab, we have zero tolerance for plagiarism, so our writers will always scan your assignment before it's delivered to you.

How can I buy assignments cheap?

Our prices are affordable because we understand that students aren’t always with enough money to pay for writing services. We offer discount codes and also bonuses to our new and returning clients. We are one of the most affordable writing services that provide the best quality. So, if you are in search of cheap assignments, come to us.

Can I buy any type of assignment?

Yes, you can. We have professional writers in different academic fields who have expertise in writing all types of assignments. Like we said earlier, we’ve hired only the best writers on our team. Regardless of what your assignment is about, you can place your order with us.

Is your payment processing method safe?

We have a very secure network that hackers and scammers cannot access. Your bank details will not be shared with anyone, plus we don't store your details on our website, so our team has zero access to it as well.

What if I'm not satisfied with the paper I bought?

We offer free revisions for every unsatisfactory work you receive. However, this is a very rare occurrence as our writers are attentive to details and they are good at what they do. When placing your order, we advise that you take your time in filling out vital information because we'll only offer free revisions if the problem is a fault of ours. And if there's a mix up due to incorrect information from your end, you'll need to pay an additional fee to have it corrected.

Can I request my funds back if the assignment is not good?

Our full refund policy works when the work submitted to you doesn’t in any way correlate with the requirements you sent to us. However, our team will always try to rectify it, and if they are unable to, then a full refund will be made.


If you are interested in improving your academic performance, we have lots of options for that. With us, you can be certain you'll receive the best results for a cheap price. Our job is to make your life easier and ensure you get good grades without burning yourself out. So, if you have an urgent assignment, reach out to us, and we'll manage it faster than you ever imagined.